MTA - Mineral trioxide aggregate

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Angelus MTA 1GM

Angelus MTA 1GM

QUICK OVERVIEWMTA is used for root canal perforation, root end resection, apexification, pulp capping & pulpotomy.Angelus MTA - 1 Gm WhiteBioceram..

₹4,450.00 ₹5,500.00

Angelus mta mineral trioxide aggregate

Angelus mta mineral trioxide aggregate

QUICK OVERVIEWIons Calcium Release: enhances formation of mineralized tissues; provides biological seal of perforations and total repair of damaged pe..

₹2,450.00 ₹2,600.00

Dentsply proroot mta sealer 0.5gm packet hover image

Dentsply proroot mta sealer 0.5gm packet

QUICK OVERVIEWProRoot MTA is compositionally formulated to have the physical properties, setting requirements and characteristics necessary for a clin..

₹3,150.00 ₹3,299.00

Dia-root bio mta

Dia-root bio mta

QUICK OVERVIEWExcellent biocompatibilityOustanding sealing capabilityWhite powder is ideal for anterior teethHighly antibacterial with high alkaline p..

₹1,675.00 ₹1,899.00

Prevest mta  plus trial

Prevest mta plus trial

QUICK OVERVIEWCavity lining/base & Pulp-capping.Pulpotomies & Obturation/Sealing.Apexification & Root-end filling.Perforation healing &..

₹3,199.00 ₹3,999.00

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