Dentsply prime & Bond nt primer & Adhesive

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- High bond strength.

- Reduced technique sensitivity.

-Reliable and consistent results.   

Prime & Bond NT

Prime&Bond NT is one bottle, all-purpose, self-priming dentine/enamel bonding system with a unique nanofiller added to the formulation. The new nanofiller is so small it is 10 - 20 times smaller than the width of collagen fiber. Prime&Bond NT, when compared to its predecessor Prime&Bond 2.1, has a greater resin concentration giving better saturation of the tooth surface and reduced technique sensitivity. The addition of a small resin and a new cross-linking agent results in a much tougher bonding agent with extremely high bond strengths whilst still maintaining its low viscosity and good penetration. The simple one-layer application procedure ensures reliable results and less patient chair time.


Prime&Bond NT is suitable for both composites and Dyract eXtra Compomer, as well as ceramic restorations, composite inlays, and adhesive repairs with amalgam and porcelain


High bond strength.   Reduced technique sensitivity.   Reliable and consistent results.


1x 3.5ml bottle (unboxed)

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